If this tumblr is a representation of the shit I like then be prepared for a weird, wonderful, musical ride. If you don't like Paul Rudd or Ewoks then alas.. we cannot be friends. I live in a small town, praise jeebus for the internet.
Er mer gerd. THIS BABY IS ON THE WAY!!!!!!!!! The hardest thing was choosing the colour.. matte blue won….chrome was a very close 2nd….. but may have been too shiny in the summer sun, I see these people in their chrome lambos and think.. fuck that would be annoying if it caught the light. 
haha! :P When I say see people in their chrome lambos, I mean see celebs on TMZ in them :P
It’s a Fixie/Single Speed so you get the best of both.
AND IT’S FREAKING BLUE for crying out loud, even the tyres, lawd jeebus.


When you find fries in the bottom of your McDonald’s bag


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bbs just getting some ducklings & cupcake cases
Saw this doll at the salvation army shop today - or … Did she see me? Creeped out

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yummmmmmmmmmmm this was my fave!