If this tumblr is a representation of the shit I like then be prepared for a weird, wonderful, musical ride. If you don't like Paul Rudd or Ewoks then alas.. we cannot be friends. I live in a small town, praise jeebus for the internet.

OK Lost In Translation just happened to be on the TV so watched it again for the thousandth time.. and my heart hurt I miss Japan that much. It caught me offguard TBH. I cannot move there anytime soon but I have many thoughts of going back, and ASAP… more like ASA the bank account lets me :P

Has a destination you’ve visited really stuck in the mind or called to you more than others?


I added subtle sass.

next level


i bet that cat doesn’t even game, it’s just doing it for attention. 

Fake gamer cats, ugh



i love when old people figure out how to do something on a computer that’s actually really simple but to them it’s like 



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Er mer gerd. THIS BABY IS ON THE WAY!!!!!!!!! The hardest thing was choosing the colour.. matte blue won….chrome was a very close 2nd….. but may have been too shiny in the summer sun, I see these people in their chrome lambos and think.. fuck that would be annoying if it caught the light. 
haha! :P When I say see people in their chrome lambos, I mean see celebs on TMZ in them :P
It’s a Fixie/Single Speed so you get the best of both.
AND IT’S FREAKING BLUE for crying out loud, even the tyres, lawd jeebus.